Business Transformation Cloud Migration 8th September 2019

Drivers for Business Transformation

What are the real drivers to cloud adoption by business? The answer usually comes down to a need or desire for organisational transformation.

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Decisions from data Proof of Concept 8th September 2019

Business Transformation - what is it?

What is Business Transformation from a Cloud Migration Perspective? A simple answer is the agility to experiment in order to gain insights that can lead to business decisions.

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Security Tools 28th August 2019

Serverless Risks & Tools

Serverless brings a need for new tools for security. We list the top 10 risks and links to tools to test and secure your applications.

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Cloud migration Tips 28th August 2019

A dozen tips for cloud migration

Migration to the cloud has many different approaches, not every business will take the same path but there is value in learning from the experiences of those who have gone before.

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