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Medical Appointments Booking System

In a busy medical centre sometimes one receptionist can be fully occupied with answering the telephone to handle appointments. Other important functions cannot be attended to. If too many calls come in at once the caller has to wait in a queue and sometimes calls could be missed. When the practice is closed all the caller receives is a message to call back later.


A solution to take calls 24 hours a day and expand capacity to simultaneously deal with an unlimited number of concurrent calls. To look up available time slots and record each booking in a database. Send a confirmation by SMS when an appointment is booked. Deal with calls about existing appointments and change them if requested.


A virtual contact center with a chat bot answering the calls and booking appointments and saving the bookings to a database. A confirmation SMS can be sent to the caller to confirm the appointment. The bot also takes calls to confirm an appointment. Never let a call go unanswered again. The solution can be further extended to allow a patient to call to check themselves in and receive information on where they should wait to be attended to. No more scrum around the reception area. Benefits are that there is no additional client software to install as users simply call on their own mobile device, no office staff are required to handle the calls and you only pay for when the service is used apart from the cost of securing the local number.

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