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Is Scheduling Your Bottleneck?

Automated Appointment Booking System

In a busy medical centre sometimes making an appointment by telephone can be a bottleneck in your business worklflow. One receptionist could be fully occupied with answering the telephone to handle appointments while other important functions cannot be attended to. If too many calls come in at once, the caller has to wait in a queue, and sometimes calls could be missed. When the practice is closed all the caller receives is a message to call back later.


A solution to take calls 24 hours a day and expand capacity to simultaneously deal with an unlimited number of concurrent calls. To look up available time slots and record each booking in an appointment system. Send a confirmation by SMS when an appointment is booked. Deal with calls about existing appointments and change them if requested.

Virtual Assistant to the Rescue

We have created a solution that involves a telephone number (free call or user pays as preferred) that patients can call at any time and be answered by a virtual assistant. The assistant uses natural language understanding so there is no need for clunky dialogue like "For a new appointment press 1". The assistant will learn and improve in understanding as it handles calls. Calls can be recorded and monitored for dropouts where the caller has been unable to make the assistant understand the intent of the call.


You may want to screen patients when they call for symptoms in order to assess them for COVID-19 or other problems.

Sample screening script


Integrate to your existing Appointment Book

We have integrated the system with AcuitySceduling

Looking for an online scheduler? Start a free trial with AcuityScheduler

In Australia we can assist with integration with Best Practice Software and other commonly used patient management systems.

# Advantages of a virtual booking assistant
1 Avoid caller waiting times and IVR queues
2 No need to provide any hardware. The patient already has a mobile phone or fixed line phone to make a call
3 The virtual assistant is cloud based with no on-premise hardware
4 Speaking on the telephone is something that elderly people are familiar with and feels more natural than pressing buttons on a touch screen
5 There is no risk of cross infection from sick people touching other people's screens
6 The system uses a pay as you go model where you only pay for what you use
7 The system is scalable without tweaking of controls
8 The system is secure and makes use of HIPAA compliant services
9 Sentiment analysis is available as an option, if a user is having problems using the system it can fall through to a human operator
10 Integrate with your scheduling system
11 Dialogue flow is customisable to suit your requirements
12 Handles customer enquiries and other call types
13 Calls can be recorded for medico-legal requirements

Want to give it a try?

If you would like to test how this might sound in reality, we have set up a free toll test number:

+44 800 464 3375 for you to try with a fictitious Wellness Medical Centre.

Privacy notification

Please note that your telephone number will be captured, and a confirmation SMS will be sent to you. The telephone converation is also recorded and will help us improve the service. Your data will not be passed on to outside businesses. Please refer to our Privacy Policy

We will be setting up a demonstration using an Australian telephone number very soon. To find out about availability of such a service in your country and language please get in contact via our business website at BDFInfoSec Contact


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