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Medical Data Storage

Patient Health Information has special requirements in terms of regulatory oversight, privacy, and longevity. Storing all that data on-premise gradually becomes a challenge in terms of adding storage disks, ensuring fast access and maintaining secure access privileges. Fortunately there are low maintenance, low cost solutions that enable a medical practice to keep local copies of data that it needs to access speedily and frequently while asynchronously moving a copy of the data to the cloud.


A solution that will not interfere with normal business operations or change the way people work. It should also work quietly in the background without requiring human intervention.


There are a number of options from

  1. adding a virtual tape drive backup that augments any exisitng backup system by storing backups in the cloud
  2. running a virtual server that operates as a fileserver locally while also storing copies of data in the cloud and is accessed as a normal folder from the desktop
  3. storage that runs locally and in the cloud by connecting via an iSCSI interface to the application server
The data stored in the cloud can optionally be scanned for viruses in addition to any on-premises scans.
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